How to convert your image to look like it was made out of lego?

Step 1

Go to the converter page by clicking on "Lego Image Converter".

Step 2

Select the image you want to convert. Please note that there will happen no file upload in here.

Step 3

After selecting your image, the processing will start instantly. You will then see the result of the conversion of your image. You will also see the fine tunning options.

Fine tunning

After converted, you can use the buttons and inputs to fine tune your image or convert another image. Here are the description of the functionalities of each button or input.

  • Convert another: Click here to go back to the image selection screen and start the process from the beginning.
  • Download: Click here to download the current converted image in it's full size.
  • Quality: Move the knob/slider to change the resolution and quality of the image. Please note that the higher the value selected the longer it takes to process your image.